On November 1st 2009 I started PureSol Technologies to help other people to plan and setup IT systems on open source basis and to develop better software by consulting and training basic principles to do everything right the first time and to avoid pitfalls. My wife helps in the background with paperwork, marketing and all the other small things to do on daily basis.

After starting to write some simple software at the age of 10 on a C64 home computer I got contact to a lot of different operating systems, programming languages and software packages over the next decades. I wrote a lot of software for my own usage and during my physics studies I used software for calculation and modelling. In 2001 I started to develop software professionally. While programming client server solutions in C/C++, developing websites in PHP and utilities in Perl, I also came in contact and familiar with application servers and databases. In university I also had a lecture on programming of high performance computers. Therefore, I also have basic knowledge and some experience in parallel programming which is more and more important as computers get more and more processor cores.

After realization that there are not enough competent software developers around on the freelance market to help companies and organizations without professional background in software development, I planned to start an own business as freelancer in parallel to my ordinary job for a chip manufacturer.

Some more information, ideas and thoughs about several topics can be found at http://www.rick-rainer-ludwig.com.