Due to its currently small size of our company we do not have so much power to support many projects. Some few projects are started on our own as a give away and thank you to the world wide community of free and open source developers.

We actively use and contribute with comments and bug reports to some key products we use and promote in our daily life or during our work for you.

Webseite: http://i18n4java.sourceforge.net
Status: Beta

This is a core library for I18N (internationalization) for Java. This library helps to introduce translations into graphical user interfaces in a more clean and easy way than the standard I18N implementation would do.

Also part of this project is the so called I18NLinguist a graphical user interface for I18N4Java for translators to put the translations into XML translation files withoud needing any programming skills.

Webseite: http://hac4linux.sourceforge.net
Status: Currently not maintained

This project was a bicycle computer application for Linux, Windwos and MacOSX to read and process the data from a HAC4 and CM414 bicycle computer. The software was not updated to new QT frameworks, therefore it has its end of life until there is a new maintainer for this project. Due to a leak of time (and usage of the bicycle computer) the maintenance was stopped.