Training is important for all practical work to be done. We help to introduce and teach people how to write good code and how to avoid pitfalls.

Programming is a handcraft and needs a lot of practice. A handcraft is nothing to be studied. It is something to be practiced and to be trained. As in any craft a journeyman becomes a master during many years of practice and guidence by a master. If a master is really outstanding he will be told to be an artist.

We teach coding principles which are useful for good code. Only a few of these principles fully applied to source code improve the source code quality dramatically. Reading source code becomes almost as easy as reading prose literature.

As important as the coding principles are, the design also plays a crucial role in software development. A well designed system with different modules aligned in a logical and easy way is better to understand and to be maintained. We support our customers to design systems.

Software development becomes easier and faster with the right tools and utilities. A coding convention can be applied by tools for instance. The time needed for beautifying the source code can be spent for other work to be done like documentation writing. We look out for the right tools for our customers and we teach the usage of the tools and the underlaying operating systems.

We also do trainings in working principles for software development. Some best practices are very useful to write better source code right from the start. The test driven development practice is one of the favorites for instance.