We provide consulting, support and training for tools helping to write better software and to watch the development process, so that developers can have both eyes on their main task: Solving problems in well written source code.

In sports climbing some rules are applied strictly due to a wish to stay healthy in a case of a fall:

  • Apply enough and the right safety techniques.
  • Use only material needed for protection to make the safety chain as short as possible due to each additional part is a possible weak point.
  • Use only high quality material.
  • Double check everything.
  • Keep your material in perfect shape and order
  • Prepare for all possible situations.

Even if you do everything right: Climbing stays dangerous. Very dangerous ...

Even if you do not climb for fun, for software development we should learn from this example. Software development is not a life taking risk, but the success and death of a software project depend also on the right tools applied during the process. The more people work on a single project the better the development tools should be to track all activities and to coordinate the progress for all developers. Additional tools should be used to evaluate software quality and reliability. If anything goes wrong, there are some strategies to deal with the situation.

There are verious tools for software development which can be used like Version Control Systems, Integration Server, Webserver with Feature Request and Bug Tracker and IDEs. Last, but not least, the chosen libraries are also tools.

We help you to build the right safety chains for your development. Every company or organization needs something different. Together we develop the right build environment for you.