I18n1 and l10n2 are terms to be used to specify the work on software to make it able to handle different languages (i18n) and different output formats (l10n). Additionally to switching output languages, software should be able to print different output for numbers, dates, times and other formatted output in dependence to the location where the software is used.

In permanent contact with many people all around the world and with experience in different languages the difficulties of making software language aware are well known. Some strategies on how to write software which is able to be i18ned and l10ned have been developed and tested and can be applied on other projectes and teached to customers. Some work by PureSol Technologies is freely accessible by our sponsoring site.

I18n is the common shortcut for Internationalization. I18n means an 'I' at the beginning, 18 letters in between and a 'n' at the end.
L10n is the common shortcut for localization and has the same building rules like I18n.