PureSol Technologies is your partner in IT and Software Development Consulting. We help companies and organizations to improve their software projects and IT landscapes with strong focus on free and open source solutions.

Computers and software running them are an important part of almost every todays company and organization. More and more routine jobs are performed by automated software. The more software is built in all organizations the more demand for IT specialists and software developers is out at the job market and the more difficult it is to find specialists for design and implementation of IT systems. Especially sized companies and organizations face an issue to get well qualified IT specialists.

In the last decades when computers became cheaper and cheaper a lot of professionals started to make their own software without a professional background in software design, architecture and developement. Typical examples are companies and organizations in science, in research and also in the engineering branch. These companies have a strong interest to preserve their code base and to improve the quality of it.

PureSol Technologies is the specialist to help companies and organizations to design and implement high quality IT systems. We help to define coding convention and we install and train the usage of standard development tools for software development like version control systems, integration servers, feature request trackers and so forth. The tools used are cost efficient due to our focus on free and open source solutions. Trainings for developers within these organizations are performed to train writing better source code and to use the development tools efficiently.

On these pages we provide information about our competencies and services. The customer-specific work we do is intended to bring solutions on requirements of our customers. Please feel free to contact us to get more information or to make an appointment for a personal visit to discuss details and to discuss how we can bring you the best solutions.