Simplicity, Time, Meaning and the principle of Give and Take are our most important values. These values we honor at PureSol Technologies are taught in old asian and old greek philosophical schools, but in daily life they are almost forgotten. The values are quite old, but still valid. In a world which seems to turn faster and faster, the values are more important than ever, because the current issues we face are a result of the unawareness of these principles. We have to remember the values of our anchastores now, due to the realization:

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. "
- Albert Einstein -

Simple solutions are in most cases the best choice. Simplicity brings efficiency almost automatically and also robustness. These solutions are also clear for others to understand. Simplicity also leads to the perfect design due to reducing disturbing "noice". Because purity means clean, simple, small and robust solutions, simplicity is the key to get it. Read more about values in software at our "Values in Software" page.

We live in busy times, there is not doubt about that. We honor time. Time should not be wasted, but should be spent wisely. In bringing you pure solutions and enabling you to make pure solutions on your own, you spend your time wisely. Every minute spend now to make everything as good as possible, saves you a lot of time afterwards in processes of failure analysis, further development and quaility assurance. This is also fully true for all other kinds of actions. Let us just do it right the first time.

This is what you find on our pages, too. We try to bring you more than just facts. The goal is to bring you some insight into the business of good software development. We want to show you, that some principles applied cost some time (and maybe money), but it also can save you a lot afterwards.

We are very thankful for getting high class software from a world wide community of free and open source software developers. We do not only want to use the software, we try to actively involve in development and quality assurance. We report bugs and help them to track them down and we started own projects, which can be found at our Sponsoring site.