Our key concept is to make everything right at the first time. We live in a rapid changing world. PureSol Technologies wants to make a difference in presenting and training principles to make a better work in software development.

We live in an age of permanent time pressure and the need to deliver our work just in time. Due to this time pressure fast food was invented to serve people in a hurry quickly. But, it did not stop there. We also started to save time for our core work in dropping work or shortening needed time on documentation writing, source code beautifying, for API documentation or work group communication. We started to make simple, fast prepared Powerpoint presentations and the slides also serve as documentation and communication replacement, so we can save time which we would have spent otherwise in report writing. We started in eating fast food, but we do a lot of "fast food" now: We communicate "fast food" and we started thinking "fast food" with documentation and reports which do not have depth due to a leak of time. It's a real pity ...

We always have to deliver our software as fast as possible. The time to market should be as short as possible to stay ahead over all competitors. There is almost no time left to do continous improvement in existing code, to write documentation, to test accurately and to write detailed users manuals.

The other situation is that companies and organization make their own software along the way. There are no professional software developers involved due to a leak of money or other limitations. At the start maybe nobody though about a commercial success, but now the software is large, some customers at hand and the development is not as easy as it should be. It's time consuming to get the work done and to keep the quality at a high level.

We have to take the time now, otherwise the code starts to rot or decay due to the laws of entropie and it becomes more and more difficult to maintain the code to reach a certain quality level. We know from experience that in busy times everything which was not done right at the first place will never be fixed later. Compromises made survive longest in projects and hurt most in a later state of a project. It is very easy to write bad code and to make code unmaintainable that the only decision is to drop everything and to start from the scratch.

"Perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. "
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry -

The principles used in our work are focused on purity. Purity for us means clean, simple, small and robust solutions to all of our daily work. This makes software code better understandable, readable, maintainable and safe for further enhancements and development. The code can be better understood and used over a wide range of people with less resistence and overhead for understanding code of others. For this work we need time and we want to show our customers that taking time now saves much more time in future. But we have to take the time, to train our skills and to setup our mind for real continuous improvement.